About Us

The Businesswoman

I remember having a movie theater in our garage back in the Philippines. I was about 12. A TV and Betamax player, some chairs, repacked roasted peanuts and a "Now Showing" sign out the gate. Made a pretty penny.  I made "Ice Candies" and sold to neighbors. Then at High School, I became the Treasurer-Manager of the School's Co-op Bank.  And then I came to California. Fast forward 20 years, Here I am. Real Estate Broker, Registered Nurse, Legal Nurse Consultant, Licensed Aesthetician, Life and Health Insurance Agent, Financial Educator, Chamber Board Member.. that's all I can remember for now ;D 

As I went on my search for the perfect career, it all comes down to which of them speaks to my need for immediate gratification of having helped someone, or made a difference in people's lives.  I promise to let you in all those stories as I document them here in my website. Although not all of them have happy endings, they will be an entertaining read! So keep coming back!